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Gear Grinders

Gear Grinders

Gear Grinders

Shiuh Cheng introduced the most advanced grinding equipment from Germany to improve production capacity. Gear grinding is the core technology and skill of Shiuh Cheng Gear.

In 1994, we have purchased the first gear thread wheel grinding machine HOFLER H1000, and then in 2004, we have introduced the first gear profile grinding machine in Taiwan HOFLER RAPID 1500, and then successively introduced PFAUTER P2400G, HOFLER RAPID 800, HOFLER RAPID 2000, HOFLER RAPID 3000. So far Shiuh Cheng is the gear factory in Taiwan with the largest scale of profile grinding machines.

In pursuit of better product quality and service, Shiuh Cheng continues to import high-precision gear grinding equipment from Germany to continuously improve the quality of gear products.
The precision of Shiuh Cheng gears can reach JIS 0 and DIN 4 grades.
Shiuh Cheng Precision can quickly respond to shipping needs, and can also undertake a small number of customized orders. The precision of gear grinding can reach DIN4 level.
Using ultra-high-precision equipment, after the gear is ground, the workpiece can be directly measured on-line without dismantling it, ensuring a shortened delivery time.
Complicated tooth profiles can't beat us. From the knowledge of metal materials to heat treatment, our factory uses a strict quality control system to ensure stable quality.

Shiuh Cheng Gear Machining Capabilities
  • External Gear: Max. O.D Ø3200mm
  • Internal Gear: Min. I.D Ø100mm
  • Module :1~ 50mm
  • Cycloid Gear: Max. O.D Ø800mm
  • HIRTH coupling Gear: Max. O.D Ø2000mm
Packing & Delivery

Shiuh Cheng provides gear customized services with excellent production efficiency.
In order to ensure the quality and safety of products to customers, Shiuh Cheng provides complete product protection packaging and inspection, so that the products can be safely delivered to your hands.
Our services are all over the world, and we sincerely invite buyers to cooperate, so that Shiuh Cheng can provide you with high-quality precision gears stably.

Precision Gear Common Material and Heat Treatment
​ClassificationTaiwanese NameJISJIS(Prev.)DINAISIHeat Treatment
CarburizationQT、High Frequency
Carbon SteelMedium-CarbonS45C  1045 
Alloy Steel
Carbon Steel
Green CrossSCM415SCM2115CrMo54115 
Green CrossSCM420SCM22 18CrMo44118  
Red CrossSCM435SCM334CrMo44135 
Red CrossSCM440SCM442CrMo44140 
White CrossSNCM220SNCM2221NiCrMo28620 
Blue CrossSNCM439SNCM840NiCrMo64340 


Precision Gear Grade
CountryTypePrecision Grade
U.S.A.AGMA 161514131211109876
JAPANJIS   012345678

Taiwan-Based High Precision Ground Gears & Gear Increaser/Reducer For 40 Years | Shiuh Cheng Precision Gear Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1994, Shiuh Cheng Precision Gear Co., Ltd. is a precision gear manufacturer. Main products, including level JIS O and German DIN4 level of precision ground gears and gear increasers/reducers.

Founded in 1994, SHIUH CHENG PRECISION GEAR CO., LTD, with a pragmatic business philosophy as the foundation and a solid R & D capability as the backing, specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-precision gears and gear increaser/reducer.

SC GEAR has been offering customers high-quality gears and gearboxes since 1994, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, SC GEAR ensures each customer's demands are met.