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Established in 1994, Shiuh Cheng is specializing in designing and producing high-precision gears and custom gears. You can read more updated news below.

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    Introduced German GLEASON-PFAUTR P2400/2800 gear hobbing machine to custom gears
    02 Jul, 2021

    The machine tool industry is one of Taiwan's strengths, among them the market of vertical lathes, horizontal boring and milling machines, and punching machines are based on large-sized gears.In order to serve customers more efficiently, Shiuh Cheng introduced the New German GLEASON-PFAUTR P2400/2800 gear hobbing machine, which can not only process large external gears, but also process internal gear, the internal milling heads and external single indexing milling functions were added. To provide customers with more complete gear solution.

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    Successfully developed military precision slewing gears
    01 May, 2021

    Military slewing gears are used in turrets, radars and other rotating devices. In the past, the supply market relied on European and American imports.In recent years, Taiwan's national defense independence policy the government encourages domestic manufacturers with processing energy and capabilities to invest in the defense industry.To meet this, Shiuh Cheng has cooperated with industry-academia, and relying on Shiuh Cheng many years of experience in manufacturing precision gears for machine tools, it has successfully developed and mass-produced military slewing gears with a 100% yield rate.According to customer reports, the Shiuh Cheng precision products are better than that of imported products.

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    The second factory was expanded to a gearbox assembly factory
    01 Mar, 2021

    Recently, due to the expansion of large-scale gear hobbing machines and the growth of gearbox refurbishment projects, the main factory space is not enough. Shiuh Cheng expanded the second factory in order to handle gearbox assembly, spraying operations, and warehouse functions. In addition, we introduced a large paint booth that is friendly to the environment, healthy for colleagues, and improves spraying quality.

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JIS O & German DIN4 Level Precision Gear Increaser And Reducer | Shiuh Cheng Precision Gear Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1994, Shiuh Cheng Precision Gear Co., Ltd. is a precision gear manufacturer. Main products, including level JIS O and German DIN4 level of precision ground gears and gear increasers/reducers.

With more than 40 years design and manufacturing gear increaser and reducer experience, SC GEAR is specialized in customizing precision gears and provide customized gearbox, overhaul, and reverse engineering services.

SC GEAR has been offering customers high-quality gears and gearboxes since 1994, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, SC GEAR ensures each customer's demands are met.